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Recent Popular Media Coverage of the Musiek Lab
Discovery of a Link Between Circadian Rhythm and Alzheimer’s May Offer a New Target for Treatment - HEC media
Not Just a Biomarker: YKL-40 Links Glial Clock to Amyloidosis - Alzforum, Dec. 2020
Protein involved in removing Alzheimer’s buildup linked to circadian rhythm - WashU News Hub, Dec. 2020
When Glial Clocks Fall Out of Sync, Inflammation Ensues - Alzforum, Dec. 2018
Faulty Brain Clocks Precede Alzheimer’s, May Drive Pathology - Alzforum, Feb. 2018
Secrets of Sleep in Alzheimer's Disease- Genome Magazine, Feb. 2018
Sleep cycle troubles may early sign of Alzheimer's Disease- Los Angeles Times, Jan. 2018
People with Alzheimer's sleep poorly- Should your frequent naps alarm you? - Newsweek, Jan. 2018
Have trouble sleeping? Research says that may be an early sign of Alzheimer’s. - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Circadian rhythm abnormalities present in preclinical Alzheimer’s disease - Healio, Jan. 2018
Poor sleep and daytime dozing may be an early sign of Alzheimer's. - Daily Mail (UK), Jan. 2018
Why Sleep Disorders May Precede Parkinson's and Alzheimer's? - Scientific American, Dec. 2016
Sleep could be the missing link in dementia. - Chicago Tribune, Nov. 2015
Clock Genes Essential In Keeping The Brain From Developing Age-Related Diseases. - Medical Daily, Nov. 2013
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